What is a Non-Surgical Facial

A Non-Surgical Facial is a relaxing treatment that involves 

a double cleanse to remove make-up and oil on the skin, then a collagen gel is applied to your skin.  The first part of the facial is called Ultra-Sonic Exfoliation which involves a metal spatula with an ultra-sonic frequency that lifts off tired skin cells. The second part is called Galvanic whereby two metal rollers are gently rolled over the face in a special facial sequence, with a very gentle galvanic current. 

The last part of the facial is called Micro-Current this involves two probes being applied to the face in a special 

facial sequence with a very gentle micro-current.

A massage of the decollete follows while the 

collagen mask is applied.  The facial is completed with an application of  day time moisturiser.

The benefits of a Non-Surgical Facial 

Deep Skin Hydration

Brightening Effect

Firming Effect

Toning Effect

Reduces Eye Bags

Reduces Sagging Neck Areas

Plumps Up The Skin

Encourages Skin Radiance

Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lifting Effect 


60 Minutes Facial - £60

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